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Horses in Skagafjörður



Icelandic horse in Skagafjordur Hotel North Iceland

Skagafjörður is a top destination for those interested in the Icelandic horse, so considerable numbers of people attend the region’s numerous equestrian events. The most famous annual event is the Laufskálarétt roundup, attended by some 3,000 people per year. Every few years, the National Horse Festival occurs at Hólar, Skagafjörður, and receives up to 10,000 visitors.


Several operators in the vicinity of Varmahlíð offer guided trips of different lengths of riding tours.


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The Icelandic Farm Animals


Are you interested in meeting Icelandic settlement goats, the Icelandic horse, and the Icelandic sheep? At the same time, you can have a look at a handcrafted gallery and visit the Old Stable, a turf house exhibition on a farm. The farms are 18 km south of the village Varmahlíð (road 752), with around 1,5 km distance between each other. The farmers are always on duty and therefore it is possible to visit them all year round, but make sure to contact them on beforehand. For more information, please visit The Iceland Farm Animals webpage.