Geothermal swimming pools and springs

Going to a swimming pool is a traditionally Icelandic way for weary travellers to relax. During the summer season, the Skagafjörður region offers a total of seven geothermal swimming pools. Of these, the Sauðárkrókur, Hofsós and Varmahlíð pools stay open year-round. The other pools are located at Steinsstaðir, Bakkaflöt, Hólar and Sólgarðar. All seven places offer the opportunity of sitting in a traditional hot tub at the end of a pleasant day in Skagafjörður.

hot pool and hot springs in Skagafjordur North Iceland

There are several naturally geothermal hot springs, of which Grettislaug, named after the saga hero Grettir, is the most famous. Rocks have been piled in recent years to form tubs at the seashore where Grettir is thought to have bathed after his feat of swimming there from Drangey.

During summer 2010, another rock tub was built near Reykjarfoss waterfall, using the spring where the Ásbirningar and Haukdælir leaders planned their combat strategies for confronting the Sturlungs at Örlygsstaðir.